Types of Plans From Seven Corners Travel Insurance

Seven Corners offers travel medical and trip protection plans for international travelers with flexible limits and deductible choices.

These plans cater to families, students, seniors, missionaries, and business travelers.

#1. Seven Corners Travel Medical Insurance

For extensive medical coverage, including COVID-19, during your travels abroad, consider the Seven Corners Travel Medical Insurance plan.

It covers emergency medical care, travel delays, trip interruption, acute onset of pre-existing conditions, medical evacuation, telehealth consultations, and dental emergencies.

Seven Corners Travel Insurance

#2. Seven Corners Trip Protection Basic & Choice

Make dealing with unexpected disruptions during your dream trip easier with the Seven Corners Trip Protection Insurance plan for U.S. residents.

It also offers optional Cancel for Any Reason coverage to enhance your protection.

#3. Seven Corners Travel Medical Annual Multi-Trip

For frequent international travelers, the annual multi-trip insurance plan covers multiple trips and ensures comprehensive medical coverage, including COVID-19 expenses.

#4. Seven Corners’ Provider Network

Access a special network of healthcare providers globally.

In the United States, you can use the UnitedHealthcare network or the PHCS Network.

Internationally, access the Seven Corners International Provider Network, featuring top healthcare providers worldwide.

How to Access the Seven Corners Network and Find a Provider

For U.S. PPO Network:

  • Check your insurance ID card for the UnitedHealthcare or PHCS logo.
  • When contacting providers, mention, “My healthcare coverage uses the UnitedHealthcare Network / PHCS Out of Area Network.”

For Providers Outside the US:

  • Refer to the Seven Corners International Network on WellAbroad for a list of doctors by country.

Areas of Coverage

Choose global coverage that includes or excludes the USA.

Plans offering this option are Seven Corners Travel Medical Annual Multi-Trip and Seven Corners Travel Medical Insurance.

Plans Available:

  • Seven Corners Trip Protection Basic and Choice (U.S. citizens only).
  • Seven Corners Travel Medical Plan and Seven Corners Travel Medical Annual Multi-Trip (available globally).

Emergency Cover

  • All Seven Corners plans include coverage for emergency medical evacuation, repatriation, medical reunion, return of children, return of mortal remains, and local burial or cremation, covering most illnesses and injuries, including COVID-19.

Seven Corners’ Services

Beyond standard travel insurance, Seven Corners offers:

  • A 24/7/365 multi-lingual customer service phone line.
  • WellAbroad portal for destination information, travel advisories, and health alerts.
  • Immediate access to the WellAbroad global assistance portal, allowing travel profile creation, travel alerts, and search for contracted doctors and hospitals.


Do you know how to file a claim at Seven Corners?

Filing a claim with Seven Corners is straightforward.

Access the correct forms on their website, use the provided checklist, and submit documents via the web form, email, or mail.

Customer Care Contact Information:

  • Toll-Free (US Only): 1-800-335-0611
  • Worldwide: 1-317-818-2809
  • Text: 1-888-655-1402
  • WhatsApp: +1-317-430-1140

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